Name: Bryan

Age: 20

N64 Mains: Unknown

Melee Mains: Sheik

Brawl Mains: Sheik, Samus

Project M Mains: Samus, ZSS, Dr. Mario

Current NE Ladder Ranking: 2nd

Tournament PlacingsEdit

Place Tournament
2nd Smash In your House '12
2nd Ultra Super Smash Tourney
1st Ultra Smash Tag Tourney


SSBB Local

O.S.T. 2

2nd Smash Clash X
3rd Smash Clash X-2
1st PM Local
2nd Smash Clash X-3
2nd Genesis
3rd wArZoNe


PM Local 2

EX 5

2nd Smash 4 New Years

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